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Free Merit Badge

I have come to a decision.

Clearly this idea is not a money making venture. It is all about giving. The card I designed to go with the badges says it all. It is a way of recognizing the importance of creating things. The importance of making something with your own hands.

The other day I was talking to yet another friend who is trying her hand at knitting. She’d just finished her first project, a scarf, or generally rectangular piece of knitted fabric, and was telling me about her fears of tackling the dreaded socks next. As I listened to her I realized that she was experiencing the same emotions that I have seen so frequently in beginning knitters. “It felt so good to finish this, but I know it’s not very good, but wow I did it myself and I never thought I could do anything like this, but turning a heel… ?” etc, etc… So I stopped her right there and dug in my ever present knitting bag and came up with a badge. Think of the Wizard of Oz giving out the gifts at the end of the movie. “This is for you. You have done good work. You will do more. I know it.” The look on her face was worth everything I have spent designing these things and having them made up. And it didn’t hurt when her husband and son came to pick her up and she had to show her son right away.

So here is the deal. I want these given away. No. I want them presented to people. So if you send me your address I will send you a badge. If you promise, cross your heart, to present it to someone who needs it. Free. No strings.

Now keeping in mind that although this may not be a money making venture I also don’t want it to be a money hemorrhaging venture either. So I am putting a donate link below. So if you feel like throwing something my way it would be appreciated. Purely optional.

And I would love it if you would tell me the story afterward. These are some of my favorite stories. You can email here.



Scarf Merit Badges Now Available!

I have Scarf Merit Badges in stock. Price is $5.95 plus shipping. Ask your local yarn store to carry Dr. Lace’s Genuine Original Badges of Accomplishment! Hat and Sock badges are on the way! I also want to hear your thoughts on what the next badges should be. Sweater? Shawl? Mittens? Entrelac? Lace perhaps? I intend to expand the line as far as I can. You can email here.

Card Front

Order Scarf Badge Scarf Badge @ $5.95

Newest Printing Is Done!

I just got the new letter-press versions of the display cards today!

The new letter-press cards!

The new letter-press cards!

Because we deserve it.

Why is it only kids who get all the awards and prizes and recognition? It hardly seems fair. One day you are an 8 year old, getting a trophy for surviving the dreaded recital and a medal for painfully finishing the baseball season in 12th place. The next day you’re a grown-up; thrown to the wolves; getting feedback in the form of emotional rocks and sticks; having to give yourself pats on the back because otherwise they are few and far between. And if you are like me then you were trained early on that too many back-pats will swell your head and probably cause irreparable social and psychological harm.

Doctor Lace’s Badge of Achievements is a small strike back against the mean old world. It is a way of telling someone that what they have done is indeed worthy of notice, particularly if they are trying something new for the first time in 20 years. That’s scary stuff! It can also be a way telling the world (and yourself) that you have accomplished something of worth and perhaps defeated some demons along the way.

Knitting is not an easy task. With a very few simple tools it is possible to make infinite variations of textiles from the cotton washcloth to the entrelac sweater; from the simple scarf to the lace shawl. And as we gain each of these new abilities, adding to our understanding and our repertoire, it is important to stop for a moment and pay attention to our progress. Of course this is true of many things, but it seems that knitting is a craft that is attempted by many folks who otherwise have not often strayed from their comfort zone.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be creating new badges and making them available to deserving yarn and craft stores. At first they will be limited to knitting, but may come to include other crafts as well.

The first few will be Scarf, Hat, Socks, and will continue from there. I am very interested to hear peoples wishes and suggestions as I expand the line. In the meantime, ask your LYS to offer you the opportunity to show your friends and family how proud you are of their accomplishments. If you are a LYS, I am waiting to hear from you. With small minimum orders and flexible packages this is the perfect premium for your knitting classes, or ideal incentive for your customers to finish those lingering projects.



p.s. It is still entirely appropriate to give a badge to an 8 year old. Remember what it felt like?